The Alien Laser Gun (or "Railgun) is a weapon developed by the Volterites. It fires a laser that can pass right through an enemy even if it doesn't kill it.


The Railgun is first found on the Human volterite alliance capital city SkyCity. It can easily kill weak enemies. However its low rate of fire makes it bad against more powerful enemies at close range but can defeat them at long range.  In N.O.V.A 3, the railgun must be purchased in the campaign millitary shop to be used in campaign.


The Railgun is a powerful weapon that can defeat other players in one direct hit, or for a partial, two shots. It has long range and can has range almost as long as a sniper rifle but has a weaker scope. It is the default weapon of the multiplayer mode InstaGib where it kills anyone in one hit and has 99 ammo.


The railgun is very powerful, being able to take out an enemy in 1 or 2 shots.  It is one of the best weapons for getting a double kill, since it's beam travels through bodies.  The railgun has an extremely long range, tied with the rocket launcher and almost as far as the sniper rifle.  


The railgun lacks firing speed, and it is hard to hit a moving target with a railgun.  Even though it has long range, it lacks a scope, unlike the sniper rifle.  The railgun also takes quite some time to reload, leaving the player vulnerable to fire. Shots can be easily spotted by enemies, so it's not recommended to stay in the same place for too long.


The Railgun has a unique way of reloading. Instead of putting in a new magazine a liquid is injected into the base. This may mean that the rail gun is bio-mechanical.



Stat N.O.V.A. 2 N.O.V.A. 3
Damage: (8/10) hi (8/10) hi
Accuracy: (10/10) perfect (10/10) perfect
Range: 150m long 150m long
Rate of Fire (5/10) slow (5/10) slow
Mag Size: 5 5
Ammo: 5x? ok 5x6 ok


  • It may have been based on the Strike-Rifle from Conduit 2.
  • It seems to have crustacean-like plating on it which also hints that it may be bio-mechanical.
  • Despite the name this gun is not a railgun by definition. A Railgun uses an electromagnet to fire metal projectiles, while this weapon fires a energy beam using biomechanical methods.
  • It's highly effective against MECHs and 4x4s taking as little as 5 shots for a 4x4 and the burst damage nature facilitates taking cover from the high DPS weapons of a MECH and 4x4