The Turret Placer is a device which has a blue laser sight, and when the trigger is pulled, an automated turret is dropped to where the laser is pointed. Kal Wardin uses one to help defend himself on Scorpius and Sagittarius.

It appears in N.O.V.A. 2 campaign only.


It is used it to defend a specific position from otherwise overwelming forces. It can only be used outside a building and it must be connected to an active defense satillite in order for it to drop turrets. It is rather impractical for usage in an open battlefield because of the time taken to deploy a turret and the overall low defense of said turret. This is probably why Kal never uses one outside of a defensive mission.


  • Yelena states that it must be connected to a friendly defense satelite in order for it to work. If so there is one on Sagittaurius despite it being under Volterite control
  • The turrets are used more as a distraction for the enemy as opposed to an all out defensive technique as almost evey enemy can defeat a turret.

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