Therrius is a terraforming Judger ship that appears in N.O.V.A. 3, located near a sun in the far reaches of the Fyna System.


Therrius was a ship used by the judgers to terraform planets. It had a terraforming core to alter the atmosphere and had Fiends to repopulate life onto  planets. The Judgers abandoned it near the Fyna System for unknown reasons.

Years later the dominion came to the ship to locate and steal the artifact inside. Maz' Rah was able to get to the ship and steal the artifact before the Dominion could, but stayed aboard so he could take the ship. Kal Wardin arrived at the ship but almost died and was saved by Maz'Rah, who then tasked him with taking control of the ship. Kal fought his way through the ship made it to the command center where The Dominion forces were coming in via teleportation device. Kal Wardin disabled the devices and gained control of the ship. Maz' Rah rewarded him with the artifact for his actions. Nothing is heard of this ship afterwards.


Therrius is full of long, winding, seemingly illogically laid out halls. Conduits of plasma seem to act as wires to transmit energy around the ship. There is an auxiliary engine activated via a crystal matrix. Radiation shields protect the ship from harmful radiation such as gamma rays, which would be in abundance around a star.


Therrius has an array of plants and animals; these were once contained by the judgers in small tanks of glass or artificial habitats. They were carried along, just like the Fiends, for terraforming purposes. After a long time being left unattended on the ship, the plants and animals escaped their containers and began to populate the ship. Furthermore, the plants have a bioluminecent quality. It is unknown why, but they may have evolved it; that might give one the idea that Therrius has been standing for a great amount of time. A floating squid-like creature is seen but it flees once Kal sees it