N.O.V.A. 2 - The First OverseerEdit


Mind Controlling Kal

The Overseer is the leader of the Volterites. He is a Volterite Psycher with golden armor and is 20% larger than a normal psycher. Like other psychers, the Overseer posseses mind control abilities. He makes deals with President Gerard Folsom to form the Human-Volterite alliance, giving Volterite technology to Folsom to help his troops defeat those of N.O.V.A..

When Kal Wardin attempts to assassinate him in his Imperial Palace office in SkyCity, the Overseer counterattacks by mind controlling Kal. Kal Wardin is then forced to fight through his own mind and defeat the Overseer's avatar, which takes the form of a large insect. Eventually, Kal overcomes the mind control by defeating the avatar and assassinates the Overseer by tackling him to the floor and shooting him in the face with an Assault Rifle. The Overseer's final words are "You think you've won but we're merely tools in the hands of the Judger Factions", indicating he is not truly in control of the Volterites, merely a pawn of the Judgers like the Xenos.

N.O.V.A. 3 - The Second OverseerEdit


The second Overseer

The Overseer successor is killed by Maz' Rah on Volteron after he attempts to manipulate Maz' Rah into killing Kal Wardin. Maz' Rah, enraged by the Overseer's threatening to execute his rebellion allies unless he kills Kal, at the last moment asks Kal for forgiveness, then lunges at the Overseer with a concealed sword, killing him.