The speeder bike in use of SkyCity.

Speeder bikes are open-air, usually one- man vehicles. They emphasize speed and maneuverability over 4x4s and see usage in the Human-Volterite Alliance as a mix of Human and Volterite technology. A typical Speeder Bike can hover at a maximum of around 10 metres above ground and can therefore maneuver well over very rough terrain and say upright after long jumps/drops. Those seen used by the Human-Volterite Alliance have front-mounted cannons which can prove effective for neutralizing infantry.


When driving a speeder bike in game you must tilt the smartphone or tablet to turn the bike. The bike will move forward on its own, you must simply tilt the smartphone/tablet to avoid obstacles such as rocks. You can fire the weapon in front of the bike but you can not aim normally. Instead, you fire at whatever is in front of you.


These bikes are used to reach destinations quickly. They lack firepower and armour and are therefore very vulnerable to attack. Red Fury Troopers are seen riding them.