Son of victory

Landing on Scorpius

The Son of Victory is a large battleship that is used by the Human-Volterite Alliance to transport troops to the farming colony where Kal Wardin was retired on Scorpius, 3 days before the beginning of N.O.V.A. 2. Once the troops are dealt with, Kal claims the ship and Prometheus accesses its databases to pull up a holographic recording of President Gerard Folsom and The Overseer. Then, Yelena is installed in the ship and Kal uses it to travel to Aquarius to sabotage the War Factory there, then travel back to Scorpius. On the way there, it's boarded by Alliance ships, but Kal manages to kill all boarders and fix the damaged directional hub before reaching the planet.

There, the ship lands by the Judger ruins. N.O.V.A. troops nearby note that it's in "pretty bad shape", so bring it to their base for repairs as a favour to Kal. When Kal has successfully defended Saggitarius, the ship has been repaired and Yelena uses it to pick him up. They then head to Saggitarius, the location of a second Judger artifact that the Alliance drew attention from by attacking Scorpius, as is revealed by Prometheus. From there, Kal is picked up and taken to SkyCity in the ship after Yelena discovers it is too late and the Volterites have already installed the artifact in SkyCity. When Kal is dropped off in SkyCity, Yelena says it's the closest she can get him before the ship "blows to bits". It's never seen again, indicating it was indeed destroyed.