Shock Troopers are heavily armoured human troops that work for the Human Volterite Alliance, and appear in N.O.V.A 2


Shock trooper

Shock Troopers carry arm cannons which slightly resemble plasma rifles. Each arm cannon fires either 2 plasma shperes or 3 fireballs. The plasma spheres do more damage but the fireballs move faster and cover more area. Shock Troopers can also preform melee attacks with their arm cannons.


Shock Troopers like every other infantry have personal shields to defend themselves. They also have thick metal armor that is brownish grey in colour. It is harder to penetrate than Psycher's or Colonist Marine armor. Despite having thick armour Shock troopers can move rather quickly.


The origin of the Shock trooper or its armour is unknown. However Their armour was mass produced in the Human-Volterite Alliance war Factory .

Battle StrategiesEdit

Shock Trooper's main battle Strategy is to simply use brute force to defeat its opponents.

Strategies to defeat themEdit

All you really need to defeat Shock Troopers is powerful weapons such as a Rocket launcher or Alien Lightning Gun. If your shields are down and it is about to melee you or shoot you use slow time to avoid its shots as they travel slowly (even outside slow time).