This page is for users that have shown others that they want to keep spam off of this wiki. They are the Rollbacks. To become a rollback you must do the following things:

What you must do

  • Be on the wiki for at least 1 and a half months (Number will go up as more people join)
  • Have at least 50 edits (Number will go up as more people join)
  • Be a respected and trusted user.
  • You cannot have a bad history on this wiki.

Making a request

When you put down your request you must have the fallowing things:

  • Your name with link
  • Why you would like to become a Rollback
  • Put the request in the catagory of "Rollback Requests"
  • When naming your request you must put your user name with Rollback Request. (Example: Tomandjerryfannumber1 Rollback Request)

Requesting Adminship

To place a new request then please go to the link below:

Good luck on your request :)