The plasma rifle is a mix between the outer colony rebel and alien Volterite technology. Kal Wardin steals one while in e testing facility of the Volterite-Human alliance, in the 2nd game. It is a reasonably powerful gun that shoots green plasma projectiles. It is recommended using it on normal troops, jetpack troops, volterite aliens and the enemies that wield the plasma gun also. You have two choices with the plasma gun either single shot or rapid fire.


It is first found in the Nimbus science facility where it was to be tested before being refined and mass produced at the Human-Volterite Alliance war factory. It works well on most enemies but is less effective on groups of heavily armored enemies.


Damage (3/10) decent
Clip Size (40 Plasma Orbs) good
Ammo Capacity 40x13
Rate of Fire High

The refined version is found by Kal Wardin in N.O.V.A. 3.


The plasma rifle is an effective gun at close range in multiplayer. The green orbs that it fires do not inflict very much damage and they travel quite slowly, making it easy for opponents at long range to dodge, additionally the range is not nearly as good as most weapons. That said, it is effective to pair the plasma rifle with a long ranged, high damage weapon such as the sniper rifle or the rocket launcher. At close range a good strategy would be to spam the general direction of the opponents with plasma in order to get more shots on them, though this method consumes ammunition. If you are using this gun you will be highly suspectible to high damage weapons such as the rocket launcher and the alien lightning gun, but if you are at close range you should be able to kill them by spamming in their general direction.


Damage Decent
Clip Size 40 Plasma Orbs
Ammo Capacity (Max) ? - without ammo perk
Rate of Fire High