The Nimbus Science Facility is a laboratory founded by the Human-Volterite Alliance. It was designed to develop weapons technology, specifically to design weapons with both Human and Volterite Technology.


The Nimbus science facility is located in an ocean on Aquarius. A bridge connects it to the same island as the war factory and the Sigma outpost.


The Nimbus science facility is highly secured compared to the war factory and the outpost. There are multiple road blocks along the only road to the facility. The small perimeter around it is constantly patrolled by Controlled Marines and Cybertooths. Inside the facility there is a Drone Security System in which Drones constantly spawn from nodes until the nodes are destroyed. Controlled Marines and Shock Troopers are stationed inside the facility in case it is breached.


The Nimbus Science facilities projects where mostly centered around weapons technology. The Plasma Rifle was being developed here until the prototype was stolen by Kal Wardin. Cybertooths are seen in a containment unit being studied and further enhancments were probably planned for them. The Alien Laser Gun could have possibly been developed here.

It was also assigned to delete Yelena using the mainframe computer. The Human-Volterite Alliance also stored the captured battleship Son of Victory here.