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The Orbitals, as dipicted in the posters in "Lost World" (N.O.V.A. 3)


The Near Orbitals are places where humanity lived after Earth was uninhabitable. They are large space-station like objects orbiting closely around Earth. They seem to house all of the population of Earth, and there are many or multiple stations. Each is given a tag or number.


Colour: A metallic green-blue spike with green lights. Shape: Wedge shaped, slim and pointy. They can come in different shapes, some with more extensions from the main body, probably they serve a different purpose to other Orbitals. They have the appearance of spikes, and with areas illuminated with bright electric lights. The many little green lights are probably windows, compartments or rooms. The basic energy source for these orbitals may be collected from solar energy.


The purpose for Orbitals is to house the human race when earth was no longer habitable. The

Terran Orbitals Home logo, showing clear similarities to that of the N.O.V.A.

population is unknown, as well as how they're built inside. There are different types of Orbital for serving different jobs, there are certainly some for the N.O.V.A..

Involvement in-gameEdit

There is not much involvement from them in-game, apart from story descriptions throughout the series, and then some references in-game scenery.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown if the planet's wildlife are kept there as well.
  • A picture of an Orbital is on the map "Lost World".
  • A fiction is set on an orbital in one of Gameloft's fics on their site.
  • The official news network of the Near Orbitals is the Near Orbital News Network