Mech firing its turrets


First person view of a mech in N.O.V.A

Appearance in N.O.V.A.2Edit

Mechs are giant assault vehicles. They walk on two legs and are armed with twin automatic turrets and two missile launchers. They are produced in the Human-Volterite War Factory. Kal Wardin hijacks one in N.O.V.A 2 so he can use its heavy weaponry to destroy the blast doors in the war factory. Its missile launchers fire two missiles at once at a single target. The area damage from their explosions can kill multiple ground troopers. The missile launcher must be reloaded after every shot.


The first mech seen in N.O.V.A 2 was seen smashing through the wall of the Sigma Outpost in the level Dropping by. To defeat it you must pick up theRocket Launcher outside the warehouse. Later in the game Kal Wardin hijacks one to help navigate through the Human-Volterite Alliance war Factory.

Appearance in N.O.V.A.3Edit

In N.O.V.A. 3 mechs appear different. Their legs are shorter, their turrets appear more like Gatling guns and their missile launchers only fire one rocket at a time. They can now be used in Multiplayer. In campaign, they are first seen in the streets of Lost World . You have to defeat it with the rocket launcher. Later in the game Yelena appears in one of them and even later on, Kal hijacks one alongside Rufus .