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Rebellion against Dominion
N.O.V.A. 3

Maz' Rah is the leader of the rebel psychers who first meets Kal when rescuing him from falling to his doom on the Judgers ship Therrius. Maz'Rah and Kal fight their way through the ship until Kal helps Maz'Rah acheive his goal of taking the ship for himself. It turns out that Maz' Rah had the artifact all along, and only kept it from Kal to make sure he assisted Maz' Rah. Some players realise that Maz' Rah actually says the introductions of the levels for the players.

Maz' Rah seemingly continues to aid Kal and his allies until the final chapter of N.O.V.A. 3, when he betrays Kal and is revealed to be working (because of blackmail) for the Overseer. He then attacks and kills Yelena by controlling the Kar'rak. In the final chapter, Kal defeats Maz' Rah and avoids being killed by the Kar'rak.

When Kal dodges the final blow, the Overseer tells Maz'Rah to kill Kal but instead, after much internal conflict, Maz'Rah turns around and lunges at the Overseer, stabbing and killing him, but only after the Overseer has shot him, fatally wounding him too.

He gives Kal the final Judger artifact in his dying moments, then the self destruct system that Yelena set up kicks in and blows up the entire area. Before Kal runs away, Maz'Rah states to Kal that "It was an honor being your enemy" and that "In the end, we all lose.".


In the final level of N.O.V.A. 3, if the player doesn't dodge the final blast from the Kar'Rak, then Maz' Rah will use his telekinesis to lift the player up and the player will be treated to a 'Try again?' screen.