A Judger in N.O.V.A

The Judgers are three sentient beings who are in a state of hibernation until they are woken up in Judgement Day Part 1. When awake, they control the Automated Command Core, the Judger Citadel on the Xeno asteroid and the Xenos. Otherwise, the duty goes to the Automated Command Core. They are very powerful, being those who bring balance to the universe. This is proven in N.O.V.A. 3 when Prometheus tells Kal Wardin that if he doesn't retrieve the artifacts in time then he will eliminate both humans and volterites. The Judgers refer to Kal as "advocate", and deem Prometheus worthy of being the eternal guardian of humanity. They also restore Yelena to life and vow that humanity's corrupt leaders shall be "rendered unto oblivion" for their selfish pursuit of power.

The 3 Judgers