Humans lived on the planet Earth.

Origins Edit

Humans, also known as Homo Sapiens, are a race that once lived on Earth(due to Earth's crust unable to sustain life) who originated in east Africa having evolved from ape like creatures like Australopithecus to more human like creatures like homo erectus and eventually became anatomically modern humans, Homo Sapiens

Description Edit

Humans have two legs that have feet each with five toenails and two arms each with one hand with 5 fingers. A small neck extends out of the top of the torso which leads up to a round head with a lips, a nose, some hair, two eyes, and two ears. In comparison to most species humans have fragile bodies having relatively little muscle tissue, lacking natural weapons that you would expect in a species of hunters, and have smaller, lighter and relatively lithe builds but are not to be underestimated as humans can be deadly soldiers and are very adaptable and tenacious. For example kal wardin and various other nova marines have managed to kill alien menaces and are respected as being incredible warriors, and how humans are able to adapt to challenging situations and to other environments at a rapid rate.

Future Edit

Somewhere in the future Earth crust could no longer sustain organic life so humans built massive Near Orbital Satellites where humans could safely live. In order to protect themselves they formed the N.O.V.A( Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance). N.O.V.A had a government known as the Terran Government.