The Human Volterite war factory is a war factory located on the planet Aquarius. It is used by the Human-Volterite Alliance to mass produce weapons and vehicles . It is sabotaged by Kal Wardin in N.O.V.A 2.


The war factory was created by the Human-Volterite Alliance to mass produce weapons. It was built on Aquarius in hopes that it would be able to mass produce experimental weapons from the nearby Nimbus Science Facility. Prometheus sent Kal Wardin to sabatoge it after the initial Alliance attack on Scorpius, where Kal was soending his second retirement. The Factory's A.I detected Kal and attempted to stop him by setting off electricity fields all over the factory. This didn't stop Kal so the A.I put blast shields on all the doors. Kal Wardin hacked one of the assembly lines and finished the construction of a Mech to break down the blast doors. After reaching the command room Kal Wardin used Mines and Grenades to destroy the energy core and escaped in the emergency exit elevator as the war factory exploded around him.