The flamethrower is a weapon that was introduced in N.O.V.A. 3. It can shoot fire in one long continuous stream. It is classed as a secondary weapon in multiplayer.

The weapon has medium effectiveness in multiplayer, but in campaign the effectiveness is very high. In multiplayer it takes some time to kill an opponent but since it has a continuous stream of fire it still remains a good choice as a secondary weapon.

In the campaign it has a very high effectiveness due to the fact it takes only one blast of flame to kill weaker enemies such as Volterites/Thugs/Fiends and a longer stream of continuous flame the larger tougher ones. It is also a good choice for the final battle against Maz Rah.

A good strategy in multiplayer for the flamethrower is to get up close and blast the enemy with a continous stream of fire. This will partially obstruct the opponent's view and allow you to get in close and finish them off with a melee or continue to bask them in flame until they die. AND IF YOU SEE ANYONE WITH A FLAME THROWER IN CLOSE RANGE YOU SHOULD RUN!!!

Aim assist verdict : Is beneficial 8/10


  • In N.O.V.A. 3 multiplayer, enemy players are not set on fire when applied on