The Colonial Pride is a N.O.V.A Frigate.Edit



Exterior of the Colonial Pride, as seen in the N.O.V.A. Legacy trailer. Kal Wardin's ship can be seen entering the glowing white hangar bay.

Colonial Pride (model)


IMG 2128-1-

The Computer Security Deck , with the self-destruct system in the center.

Colonial Pride was a military cargo ship sent on a colonial administration mission. The ship travelling with it crashed into the Xeno asteroid, which the Judger Automated Command Core interpreted as an attack, responding by initiating a Xeno attack on humanity, starting with the Colonial Pride. When it appeared unexpectedly on a collision course with the Near Orbitals denying all transmissions, N.O.V.A. sent Kal Wardin to investigate. Kal Wardin discovered that the ship han been invaded and hijacked by the Xenos and that all personnel on board had been captured or killed. Kal Wardin freed the captives and was then ordered by General Korolev to destroy the ship, so Kal set off the self destruct system and escaped to New Ceres.


There are many unlit hallways all over the ship. The ship has multiple docking bays, cargo bays and armories, as well as a computer security deck, warehouse deck and, like any large ship, it has a bridge.