Badlands, a map based on Boreas

The desert landscape

The desert landscape

Boreas is a penal colony with the climate of a barren desert, prone to sandstorms which can interfere with communication systems. It's controlled by neutral rebels, but at least one area has been taken over by "convicts gone wild" that are willing to attack and sell to The Dominion any N.O.V.A forces.

In his search for a Judger artifact, Kal Wardin met an old friend of his who was living on the planet amongst escaped convicts - Rufus.


Boreas was presumably first inhabited by the Judgers. For an unkown reason they left Boreas but left an artifact behind. It is possible that the Judgers never inhabited Boreas in the first place, but hid the artifact there to prevent others from taking it.

Many years later Boreas was discovered by the Dominion. They used it as a prison planet for human prisoners. The prisoners were able to escape and take control over most of the planet. Later on the Dominion discovered the presence of a Judger artifact on Boreas. Kal was also tasked with finding this artifact but was too late as the Dominion captured it and took it to Volteron.

The fate of this planet is unkown.