"Badlands" is a multiplayer map that appears in N.O.V.A. 3. It is large, at least 300m and is one of three maps that spawn vehicles, the other being Lost World and Scorched Earth.


Though Badlands does not resemble any location in the Campaign, it seems to have taken on the planet Boreas. It is ideal for Capture the Flag and Team Death Match. Each side (blue and red) has a fort on their opposite sides of the map, and house a 4x4, and a Mech.


Badlands has two bases on either side of the map. When playing team Deathmatch each team gets one base. Each base has a 4x4, a Mech and a Volterite Railgun. The map then splits into two directions, each with a bridge. A mine can be entered, with a Rocket Launcher, which connects these two paths. This map is completely symmetrical.

The desert landscape

Boreas, the planet hosting Badlands.