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Aquarius is a planet that appears in N.O.V.A 2. It joined the Human Volterite Alliance during the Rebellion.


Aquarius was colonized by humanity at an unknown time. The colony eventually joined the Human-Volterite Alliance. The alliance built the secret Human-Volterite Alliance war Factory to mass produce the  weapons being developed at the Nimbus Science Facility, along with other weapons and vehicles such as Mechs. Kal Wardin landed on this planet on a mission to sabatoge the war factory. He succeeded but Yelena was captured. Kal was able to infiltrate the Nimbus science base was the alliance was trying to deactivate her. Kal rescued her destroyed the base and escaped in the battleship Son of Victory. Nothing is heard of this planet afterward.


It has many tropical islands and is mostly oceanic. There is a possibility that the entire land mass is composed of tropical islands.

One of the tropical islands on Aquarius

It is also home to the Human-Volterite Alliance war Factory and the Nimbus Science Facility.


Aquarius is home to many plants and trees including a vicious flesh eating plant that appears similar to a Venus fly trap. A bird like creature is also seen.


Aquarius Beach (Multiplayer Map)

Sigma Outpost

Human-Volterite Alliance war Factory

Nimbus Science Facility