During the Xeno Caretaker invasion of New Ceres, this creature was sent inside a military base to kill humans, and secretes a powerful toxin. It attempted to kill Kal Wardin after he shut down the nuclear bomb in the base. Kal killed it by shooting its legs and attacking its brain when it falls to the floor. It is unknown what species this giant bug is as it is unlike all other Xeno species seen in N.O.V.A..


It is an olive-colored insectoid, with great size. It has six spider like legs, with bioluminescent vulnerable parts. It resembles as spider, with many glowing blue eyes, and with similar leg shape and head, although it has four long tentacles on it's body. Its toxin is probably produced in the large, bulbous part of its body.


  • It was probably genetically engineered by the Judgers or originates from somewhere under Judger control
  • It slightly resembles a Fiend